Health Trust and Health Insurance Group

Health Trust

The North Dakota Grain Dealers Association Benefit Plan and Trust began operations on January 1, 1994. It is an attempt by Association members to have more control over health premium costs and healthcare plans. The Association is the sponsoring organization, but the Trust is a separate nonprofit entity operating under direction of its Plan Management Committee. Currently serving on that PMC are:

  • Keith Brandt, Enderlin, Chairman
  • Rick Burgum, Arthur
  • Scott Ostlie, Northwood
  • Cameron Erickson, Parshall
  • Levi Hall, Beach
  • Kevin Moore, Surrey
  • Stu Letcher, Fargo, Secretary

The Trust complies with U.S. Department of Labor requirements and those of the Employment Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA). It has a full audit each year by a CPA firm. The Trust contracts for administrative services with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. BCBSND is not only an insurance company, but it also provides administrative services to scores of self-funded trusts.

The Trust offers health, dental, prescription drugs, vision and life coverages. Eligibility for enrollment is limited to member grain elevators in North Dakota and counties contiguous to North Dakota, plus other Allied members within North Dakota. For more details and enrollment information contact Stu Letcher or Sue Benson at the Grain Dealers office at 701-235-4184.

Health Insurance Group

The Association also sponsors a traditional fully-insured health insurance group through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. Coverages similar to the Trust are offered. Contact Stu Letcher or Sue Benson at the Grain Dealers office at 701-235-4184 for enrollment information.