Association Membership

Association By-Laws provide for three types of Association membership:

Regular: Any farmers cooperative, independent or stock company public licensed warehouse organization of good repute, engaged in the handling, processing or distribution of grain and other like commodities, may be admitted to membership in this Association on majority approval of its Board of Directors.

Associate: members shall be affiliates (stations) of regular members.

Allied: Any company, corporation or individual of good repute, interested in the welfare of the Association and its regular members may be admitted as an allied member without voting privileges, on majority approval of the Board of Directors.

The Membership Investment for regular and associate members is based on licensed grain storage capacity and number of locations. Allied membership is a flat annual fee. Contact the Association office at 701-235-4184 for an Invitation to Membership or click on the link located below.

Association members receive the annual Directory of Licensed and Bonded Country Elevators in North Dakota, the monthly Grainmen's Mirror magazine and other mailings of important industry information from time-to-time. Members are eligible for participation in the Association's health insurance trust or group at premiums substantially below most other plans. Group disability and life plans are also available.